Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The funnies about pregnancy - a week before the due date..

No signs of Baby Kwan....... due date is still Jan 13..:)

Here are a few things I noticed within this week.

1. Restaurants with fixed chairs and tables are a no-no for pregnant people
- We went to Little Mongolian Sheep restaurant for dinner and they put us in a booth. As I slided in.... I noticed that my tummy and the table were touching! and I could not suck in the tummy......Gordon had to go over to the waitress and ask for another table that allows one to adjust the chair so that I could sit and still breathe......

2. Regular public restrooms are tough to use
- I realized how little space there is in a public restroom. When I close the door, it always touches the tip of my tummy.... I guess I should start using the handicap restrooms....

3. Even my kitchen is too small..
- I was doing dishes the other day, and my mom was still eating at the table. With her sitting at the table and me standing at the sink, my sister could not get over to the other side of the kitchen...... mmmmm, i think I should stop doing dishes...:D

Overall, I have to say, I still like being pregnant..... I know I get stares from people about how huge my tummy is (or maybe I am just paranoid).......only a few more days..... and a baby is coming out!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can commiserate with your observations. The sad thing is: I'm not even pregnant!