Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our yearly Christmas party and gift exchange.

Once again, Christmas came around and we planned a last minute Christmas party with the white elephant gift exchange.

The turn-out was great, and everyone brought something to share (food)..:)

The ones with the younger kids (Claire and Tyler) had to leave early as the timing was right into their sleeping time..... I guess next year, our parties will have to revolve around our little one as well.:D

The white elephant gift exchange was fun as usual.... the gifts were of course interesting... i think Gordon and i scored with our trader joe's gift card and a coach wallet..heehhhee...:D the rest of the gifts were nice as well....note to self, next time I need to say "gag gifts not allowed"


I hope everyone had loads of fun. Our house is a little small for so many people.... hopefully the weather would be nicer next year and everyone can hang out outside.

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Tze & Yeesin said...

wa seh! Someone is LOADED eh! Giving out COACH wallets for white elephant gift exchanges! BTW, we got yeesin a Coach Diaper bag for christmas...