Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year - Welcome 2008!

oh yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...:) I am officially on maternity leave. Started on Jan 2, 2008, and time seems to be passing so fast! Having family around has been great.... keeping me busy with walking around the malls, eating out and just chilling.

Christmas was fun this year as my mom, sis and brother in law were in town. We actually opened presents together on Christmas morning...:)... something we have not done for a long long time now...

New Year's eve was spent at Rick and Helen's house. We ordered chinese for dinner and everyone brought a little something (mostly dessert). Rick and Helen also provided the finger foods and more desserts. It felt more like a dessert party!

Here is a pic of my sis with Kaylyn and the desserts..:D

Since there were many kids and they all had bedtime schedules, our countdown was done at 9pm, together with the New York people. So, we turned on the TV, watched the ball drop and did a countdown together..:) By 11pm, we were the last guest out of Helen's house... yeah, no one stayed for the midnight countdown...;) We did head over to Lake Chabot hills and watch the SF fireworks from a far far distance at midnight..... welcome 2008...:D

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