Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ryan @ 5 years 3 months


Ryan is now a big brother to two siblings. He is loving his new role and understands that he needs to spend time with Dylan since mummy is busy with the baby.
His favourite foods now are : spicy stuff like spicy mango, spicy noodles, curries. He also likes sour stuff like sour candy. He still likes to try different foods and eats almost everything we put on his plate.
He is trying to read and recognizes about 50 sight words. He still has to figure out how to joins the phonics together to make words. 

He can add well and can minus small numbers. He can also count in twos, threes, fives and tens.
Favourite TV is Wild Krantz and Pippa pig. He still watches Clifford, curious george and caillou in the morning.
At pre-school, he is doing well. His teachers like him a lot and will miss him when we take him out of school end of April. He is super helpful and very attentive.

5 year old info:
Weight : 42 lb 14.4 oz (66.31 percentile)
Height : 3' 7.5" (63.38 percentile)
Ryan is doing a great job being a big brother. Dylan adores him and Ryan takes the time to make sure Dylan is doing OK and helps him out when needed. 
Today, when Dylan woke up after his nap, he yelled "koko, where are you?". Usually he would look for Gordon or me, but he decided to look for Ryan instead. So cute!

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