Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ryan @ 3 years 7 months

Oh boy, Ryan has passed the 3.5 year old mark, which means 4 years old is near!

He now weighs about 38 pounds.

Some of his achievements;

He can count to 50.

He can spell the following: apple, ball, bird, milk, stop, egg, me, you

Ryan now goes to school 5 days a week. I don't think he likes it... this is our conversation in the morning:

Ryan: is it school day?
Me : yes
Ryan: I don't want to go to school. I want to stay at home with daddy
Me: Daddy and mummy has to go to work. You can stay at home alone
Ryan: who will take care of me?
Me: you can take care of yourself. Make your own milk, clean your own butt, turn on your own TV
Ryan: smiles...... and gets ready for school with no other whinings

His favourite foods: Ryan would eat everything. He is pretty good at feeding himself, and loves his veges, including broccoli, corn, cauliflower.

Favourite TV: Caillou... he goes through stages of watching one DVD all the time, and gets tired of it and never watches it again. So far, he has done it with Thomas, Wiggles, Elmo,Timothy, and Dora. Right now, he is loving Super Sleuths.

Ryan looking taller than Daddy.

He keeps changing his smiles for the camera..:D

Some of his "adult like" comments:

"Of course you can come along" - when I asked if I can come to his school to see something.

"alright, If you want me to do it, I will do it" - when I asked him to wear a long sleeve shirt instead of his current shirt.

"If you are grumpy, just smile" - when I told him I am grumpy today...

Yes, he is growing up too quickly.

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mycouponbasket said...

Nice kid. God bless him.