Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dylan (23 Months)

One more month and Dylan will turn 2!

He currently weighs about 29 pounds.

Dylan's favorite foods include : pasta, egg, cheese, yogurt, grapes, california rolls(sushi). He is not picky with his veges. We usually stay with peas, corn and brocolli.

Dylan's babysitter also takes care of a 7 month old baby and whenever the baby drinks milk, Dylan wants milk too! He can drink milk all day long to stay full.

Dylan's vocab has improved. Favourite word : Mummy! and Daddy!

Other words: train, barber, scissors, baby, more, mess, rabbit, please, TV, marble, pee pee, poo poo, pasta, noodle,.

When it is sleeping time, I would ask "do you want nai nai" and he gets all excited and says "yes". So I say, go tell daddy, and he would go to the stairs and say "nai nai'. "please". He can't say them together, but he likes to say the "please" so, he says " pleaseeeeee" until Gordon hears him. Very Cute!

He also knows how to go the refrigerator, open it and ask for milk.

THe video above is cute too..... whenever we say "who wants this", DYlan will say "ME". We fugured that when he hears "who", he always says "me". So,Ryan will ask him something with "who" and he says "me". Yes, we like to disturb him...:)

Oh, he loves reading, and prefers it over watching TV. When Ryan is watching something, and Dylan does not want to watch, he would say "book" and point upstairs, and takes my hand to go upstairs. We will read several books that he picks out. His favourite are usually train books, and the "sometimes I like to curl up in a ball" book.

Potty training: he understands pee and poo, and can hold them. But because we are not consistant with diaper vs no diaper, he forgets when he doesn't have a diaper. I think he is getting there. He insist on peeing before sleeping, which means, we would be in bed and he would go "pee pee" and we have to get out of bed.

Also, he probably likes going to the potty, cos we get to read his Litle People book. He can point out all the items in the book, and seek and find the little people.

He sleeps from 9.15pm to 6.30am and naps from 1.30pm to 3pm.

Playing puzzles:)

Oh, with his tantrums, he sure knows how to throw good ones...:D When he does not get what he wants, he starts yelling "no-no-no" and stamps his feet. I need to video it one of these days. It's just funny how mad he can get and when he is all done, he comes over and sits next to me. Oh, the best way to stop his tantrums, is to pretend to cry and say "I am sad"... he does not like it when I am sad, and would come over and give me hugs and forget about his tantrum! phew...:)

Till next time....

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