Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am 30 months old a.k.a 2.5 years old!

Hi world, it's Ryan!

I have been busy being a toddler... running around. never stopping except to sleep.

Here are some updates about me:
1. I can talk a lot now. I am always talking.. except when I am drinking my milk (I am still using a bottle. I love it!)

2. I am almost 100% potty trained. Mummy has been putting diapers for me at night, but the last couple of nights, I just wake up in the middle of the night and tell mummy I have to pee. My diaper is dry when I wake up. However, I decided that I dont want to wear the diaper, so in the middle of the night, I take off my diaper and I sleep naked. uh huh...

3. I am into reading again - I stopped liking to read for a while, but now I like the bearinstien books. I will say "read book time" and make mummy or daddy read to me. Sometimes I can read the book to myself. My favorite book now is the Mickey Mouse and the space ship.

4. I still don't like TV. I cannot sit still for any show including thomas, sesame, cars... no shows interest me.

5. My sleeping info - wake up at 6.15am, nap from 1-3pm, sleep at 9.30pm. yes, i sleep late now..,

6. My eating info - eat whenever. I know when I am hungry and will ask for milk. I love pasta. I love mushrooms. I also love fruit even when they are sour.

7. I enjoy playing outside in the backyard. I can play there on my own, especially my bicycle and my water table.. but when I see my easel, I want mummy to come out and paint with me. I like the park as well, but I dont like to play with the water in the park.

8. The other day, we went to the musuem. I have no idea what musuems are about and wanted to touch all the paintings..:P

9. ok.. my little brother.. i love my little brother but he keeps taking my toys! When no one is looking, I push him away... if I share a toy with him, I will ask mummy for a BIG hug. I know mummy is happy when I share.

10. My po-po is here. I am happy cos i like people to come visit. I enjoyed it when Uncle Daren and Ku-poh came to visit me as well. I was especially happy when we got to go out. If I don't know where we are going, I say "I don't know where we are going" and mummy will tell me.

ok. time to go see what everyone else is up to. "MuMMY, what are you doing?" That's my favorite question...

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