Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dylan is 9 months old...

Here are his 9 month numbers:

Weight : 21 pounds 9 ounces (68 percentile
Height : 28.5" inches (60 percentile)
Head circumference : 18.27 inches (81 percentile)

He is like the sweetest little boy.. all the smiles and always trying to stand up.

Here are some things he can do:

Responding when I ask him if he wants milk... he lies down on the pillow when he sees the milk bottle.

He loves to climb and stand. He can climb the stairs pretty quick now.

He is still trying to figure out how to go backwards to go down the stairs.He knows he cannot go forward so he sits and lets us put his legs backwards.

Not much babbling yet, but I am sure he wil be talking soon enough. Here is a video of him da-da-ing.

He does love to play with Ryan. Even when Ryan is not interested and pushes his away, he would still go near Ryan and get pushed.... Also, when he sees Ryan going upstairs, he would quickly go to the stairs and head up as well. really cute.:)

Here is a video of him reading...

Happy 9 month bday my little one..:)

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