Thursday, April 01, 2010


Yes, it seems like Ryan has reached a stage of independence.

He wants to do stuff by himself. Here are some examples..

He wants to pull down his own pants to pee and doesn't want me to hold him. He pushes my hand away so that he can stand and pee on his own.

We were over at a frens house and he saw a scooter razor and insisted on standing on the razor and pushing himself. Good thing the razor has three wheels to help with the balancing.

He also knows that when Dylan is sleeping, he needs to use his soft voice. Today, even in the car is was using his soft voice, and when he saw a fire engine, he said softly but excitedly "fire engine".

He is also good at playing on his own now. He will go up and down the stairs playing with his toys. Occassionally, we will hear some whining when he tries to hold too many things and drops them on the way up the stairs..:)

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