Sunday, April 04, 2010


We made it to two easter eggs hunts this year.

Ryan still doesn't get the concept of picking up eggs from the grass... and Mr Clean (Ryan) took his own sweet time to pick up the eggs as he did not want to put the grass in his bucket..... so, we got less eggs this year..

Easter Egg 1 @ a park in Dublin - organized by East Bay Asian American Club.

 Dylan with Gordon. Only watching the egg hunts this year..

Easter Egg 2 @ Lily's house

 It was another fun day at Lily's house. Lots of eggs..and Ryan was nice to share with Liam an egg.

Check out the little babies. Yao-yao, Baby Allen and Baby Dylan sitting in a row.

Gordon did not make it to Lily's egg event as he had a planned basketball watching game with his frens..:) Good thing Eeling and Eric decided to car pool with me and watch the kids..:d

And yes, Ryan found some chocolate in the eggs, and opened the chocolate without out knowledge. Check out the wrapper on the floor as he started to eat his chocolate...


Sheryl said...

Aww... cute! Too bad they don't do Easter egg hunts here. :(

Lynda Ng said...

@Sheryl - you need to start the easter egg trend..:) There were places that charge money to go inside and pick up the eggs..:P