Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gordon and Ryan

It's Thursday night @ 9pm and the kids are asleep!

tonight, Gordon headed out for a basketball game at 7pm. I told Ryan ahead of time that Gordon is heading out to watch basketball with his friend. When Gordon left, Ryan said bye-bye.

Two minutes later, he said "I want to watch basketball".

Later in the night, Ryan cried twice cos he missed daddy. Poor kid. When we mention daddy, he had tears in his eyes.

It is amazing how attached he is to Gordon.

If I take him to sleep, he would want to find Gordon to come sleep with us. However, if Gordon takes him to bed and I tell him I have something to do, he would let Gordon put him to sleep.

When I go to work, he happily says bye bye to me, cos he knows Gordon is at home.

I am glad to see all the "hanging out" with Gordon has made Ryan super attached to Gordon..:) Yes, the hanging out at Starbucks, Ross, Safeway, Trader joes especially on weekend mornings..hehehhe

and Gordon taking Ryan for his basketball classes, and of course, Gordon sleeping with Ryan every single night..:)

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