Wednesday, February 10, 2010


More updates on Ryan's talking...

When something is missing, here is the conversation between mummy and Ryan:

Me: Where is X item?
Ryan: Missing
Me: Daddy took it?
Ryan: Daddy throw.
Me: Where did Daddy throw it?
Ryan: In garden.
Me: Tell Daddy not to throw X item.

It is the same conversation for anything that goes missing in the house....

He also is starting the randomly use the word "because". When I ask "what" or "why", he responds with "because". So random...

Talking is so much fun, since he can actually tell us what he wants and not just whine.

And of course, when he doesn't want to eat anymore (cos he doesn't like the food), he will say "pou-pou", which means "full" in chinese.....and not eat.

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iamyvonne said...

dats funnie!