Friday, June 27, 2008

Another day, Another year, Another Birthday

Another Happy Birthday to ME!

yes, I just celebrated another birthday today..:) I took a day off from work and spent some time with my baby today. It felt nice to be able to spend quality with baby.
Just to get out of the house, I went over to Yvonne's house to meet up with her and Sirintorn. We had some yummy pulled pork and ice cream! Ryan is really good when he is out and about..heehe.

Since Gordon had to go into work today, he came home with some cake for me! We sang the happy birthday and blew a candle and I took lots of pictures with my little baby!

No dinner plans for today... maybe we will do dinner sometime this weekend.

oh, present from Gordon....I was complaining how there was not any good chocolates in the house; so he bought me 6 bars of yummy dark chocolate.... I can't wait to eat them all!
I love having to spend my bday with my two favourite boys!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Ooh, I love that strawberry cake with REAL whipped cream...I hope you enjoyed it too!

Sounds like a wonderful birthday full of friends, sweets, baby & husband!

Baby C's Mom