Saturday, May 05, 2007


Saturday night .... and my tummy is asking for food...

This brings back memories from Malaysia. When I was living back there with my family.... my dad would insist on supper every night.. Around 10-11 at night, he would say, let's go buy supper, or request me or my sister to go buy supper. Supper could consist of any of the following:

1. Pau, lor mai fan, siu mai (dim sum stuff)
2. Famous Beef Ball noodles in KL (25 minutes one way drive from my house)
3. Soup noodles, including assam laksa
4. Fried noodles - Black Noodles (Fook Kin chow) and Mixed (Nying Nyong) noodles
5. Yam cake
6. Hum Chin Pang (Fried doughnut)

On days where no one goes out to buy stuff, my dad would request to have instant noodles... the dry spicy flavor...

All these choices back in Malaysia.... what are my choices in the US?

1. Fast food (Burger King, McD, etc)
2. Anything in my fridge

somehow, I don't feel hungry anymore..........


Anonymous said...

I miss the donuts. There was a great little place near me in Dallas that sold them togo with a bean curd soup in a 12 oz cup. It was a nice little snack. I miss Dallas. The Chinese food and Bagelstien's (Jewish). What great snacks!

Tze & Yeesin said...

eh... you guys are West Coast, got tons of Malaysian, Tawainese food places around to eat. Over here, we need to cook our own Msian food! Either that, or eat frozen stuff like roti canai, durians, or char siu pao that's been on ice for goodness knows how long!