Monday, April 02, 2007


I was sick all weekend!

Cough.. stuff nose... headache...fever..

I thought I could sleep it off..

Slept at 6pm Friday...woke up at 8am Saturday.. slept some more all Saturday and Sunday.. and Monday morning, I was still sick!

Saw the doctor and she says it's just a viral infection.... she offered me some Robitussin and a doctors note to give to my boss. I declined both..

Being sick sucks! What's worst is Gordon refuses to let me have tomyam instant noodles..... trust me.. instant noodles makes a sick person feel better!!! *sulks*

1 comment:

cindee said...

aww. poor u..hope u are all better now :)..cough cough, wheez..tom yam soup is for both sick and well people ;)