Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dinner and this weekend

This week, Gordon made a run to Oakland Chinatown and grabbed some veges and other stuff for dinner.

He found some king oyster mushroom and was excited to try it. So, we created a vegetable delight dish including the mushroom, asparagus, green pepper, red pepper, garlic,brocolli, snap peas.. all cooked in black bean sauce. It was good. Here is what it looks like. ( the bowl of rice is mine, Gordon's was still in the microwave.;))

Here are some pictures from the garden. It's so nice in Spring. Flowers everywhere! I did not get a chance to take some pics of the cherry blossom flowers near my work, but they are a pretty sight.

In an effort to ensure we use our backyard deck more often, I set out the yoga mat there one day this week... and got Gordon into doing some exercise. He moved around for 5 seconds and he was done!! I stretched for 3 minutes and I was done.... at least we used the deck!

I also tried again to use the deck today ( Saturday). I am here as I am typing this blog...:D The weather is nice.... and I spent some time reading some books i borrowed... Here is me...;)


cindee said...

hope u put sunblock!'s nice in spore too...altho a biit tooo least it wonderfully sunny...too bad am stuck indoors working #%$&^&^

Nick 10 said...

Hello Lynda....
I haven't logged into your blog in AGES!! Always makes me hungry with all those food pics ;)