Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gordon made me dinner...:)

This week, Gordon promised that he would cook dinner. He borrowed a seafood cookbook from our fren Chung.

Monday evening came around and I asked Gordon what he had planned for dinner. His response, "I have not grocery shopped yet".

...... does that mean Lynda has to cook???

So, we looked into the refrigerator and decided that I should make same baked spaghetti since we had frozen meat, pasta sauce, garlic and spaghetti...:)

Tuesday night came around, and we had leftovers of the baked spaghetti..

Wednesday and Gordon made a run to Oakland Chinatown. Which means, he cooked dinner!

Gordon made a delicious dish of "Chinese-style prawns". He made it from scratch and it tasted SO good!

Check out the pictures....

Five minutes later....(literally 5 minutes later)

So very delicious. Since Gordon doesn't really cook too much... I am really proud of him...:) Can't wait for tomorrow! More good food planned!!!

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