Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Fondue Affair...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Us...:)

Gordon and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on Sunday. We are excited that we have reached today and are in good spirits..... First years are suppose to be the hardest. We had some tough moments, and I think we have learned a lot from each other through marriage..

To celebrate this special day, we made reservations are La Fondue in Saratoga. This place is always crowded but we managed to get a 4.30pm reservation..(early dinner)

Since it was a special occasion, we went the combination fondue which included:

1. Salad for each person
2. Cheese fondue with bread, fruits, garlic, pickle etc etc
3. 6 kinds of meat (buffalo, elk, duck, venison, ostrich and wild boar)
4. Chocolate fondue with banana, strawberries, mashmallows, grapes, etc etc.

We had a feast. The grilled the meat on our own and ate so much!

Check out the pictures. This is a great romantic place....:) We got to blow candles since we were celebrating our anniversary..........


cindee said...

happee 1 yr you two :) kewl place! hopefully we get to check it out one day ;)..btw,,too much meat :P

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st year Anniversary! Look like you guys had a very romantic dinner. I think La Fondue has no corkage fee on Tuesday. Last time Rick and I finished a bottle of red wine ourselves plus the food. You can imagine how full we were..haha.