Saturday, January 07, 2012

Dylan at 2 years 4 months

Dylan the chatter box nowadays.

He can repeat everything we say, and can say a lot more when he wants something. Good news is that most of the time we actually understand what he is trying to tell us. Other times, he gets all frustrated cos we don't understand him.

Video above show Dylan pretend playing. Too cute when they can play on their own and use their imagination.

Below is another one.

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Dylan is loving the new house. He just likes to be able to run around in circles and make us chase him to change him, feed him, put cream on his face, etc etc.

He still takes one nap a day, around 1pm for 1.5 hours. At night, he sleeps from 9.30 to 6.30am. Yes, he had stopped waking up to drink milk around 5am! Hooray. He still has his bottle, since it ensures he finishes his milk. He weighs about 30 pounds.

He still follows Ryan everywhere and wants to play whatever Ryan is playing with. He is also getting good at saying no to Ryan when Ryan wants his toys and he knows how to fight for his toys.

He can pretend to whine when he doesn't want to do something. Like when I want to put his diapers for his, he will whine whine just to pretend...:D yes, he is still in diapers for peeing. He knows how to hold, but he is lazy to tell us, and tells us after he pees. When we ask him if he is a baby or big boy, he will say big boy! and we tell him that big boys don't wear diapers... hope this works soon.

Till next time!

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