Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He finally sleeps through the night

Yes, he would be my little Dylan.

Just around 19.5 months, he decides that he would sleep through the night and not wake up around 4am for milk!! Now, he just wakes up around 6.45am and does not even ask for the milk.

Yes, now, maybe we can finally allow him and Ryan to sleep together in the same room.:D

In other news...Dylan's personality is really coming out...

When he was younger, car rides were boring for him. He would just look really sleepy or not be aware of what is going around him. Nowadays, he loves his car rides, and would be very awake and looking everywhere.

About 6 weeks ago, you would find Dylan following Ryan everywhere. Nowadays, he seems to like to do his own thing, including hanging out with my instead of hanging out with Ryan.

He also loved the TV, but lately, he does not care too much for the TV.

He loves his baths, and when he is tired, he would just come call me, and ask me to go upstairs, so he can go to bed. It's really cute, cos he would do this even though Ryan is downstairs watching TV and playing.... I guess he understands when he is tired.

His favourite foods, include, pasta, bread, crackers, string cheese.. No fruits, no veges.... Good thing we still have formula and gummi vitamins!

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