Friday, April 22, 2011

Boys @ 19 months and 3 years 3 months

Alright, I am so behind with my blogs... so here is a whole bunch of pictures of the boys together..
  Chilling at the Tilden Park steam train ride. Kids wanted to go over and over again. Dylan knows what a tunnel is and goes "wow" when we enter the dark tunnel.
 Handsome pics of the boys in their polo shirts
Random pic of the boys playing in the park.
Yes, they play with anything and everything. For me, as long as they are playing together and not fighting, I say go ahead and play.
This one was super cute. The boys saw a pregnant aunty ee-ling and decided they wanted babies in their tummies too. So, Ryan started it,and Dylan asked for the same thing (they have big tummies!)

Dylan would do everything that Ryan does; so Ryan hangs off the cart,and Dylan wants to do it too... seems naughthy for a 19 month old. He would also hang his head backwards while on the cart. This kid knows no danger.
Cheeky one of Ryan. Kids are holding their "babies".

We were hanging out at Old Navy and they had face painting. Ryan asked for Spiderman. When he was done, Dylan wanted something as well. He was suppose to be the pirate, but after 30 seconds, he decided he was done. Looks like he has a black eye.
Dylan is always ready to take pictures if he gets to sit next to Ryan.

Till my next blog.....

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