Friday, October 01, 2010

urnnn... why????

Yes, the WHY stage continues.... not sure whether Ryan is asking WHY just because, or whether he is asking cos he is actually interested...:P

Some of our conversations....

Ryan: Is it getting dark already?
Me: yes, it is getting dark..
Ryan: Why is it getting dark?
Me: cos the sun has gone down and the moon is out.
Ryan: Why has the sun gone down?
Me: Cos it is at night, and the sun has gone behind the mountains.
Ryan: Why is the sun behind the mountains.
Me: *change the subject* Ryan, let's read a book....

other conversations...

Ryan has also learned to converse with my in-laws in Cantonese only.It's kinda cool that he has learned so many cantonese words from them and will know how to revert to Cantonese when talking to them. He also talks to Gordon and me in Cantonese. Yes, his can ask WHY in Cantonese as well..("tim-kai?"). Since my Cantonese is not that good, I had to revert to English when he starts his WHY questions..:)

Oh, I love that he knows when he is tired, and just says to us, "time to sleep". It's good since he would tell vs throw a tantrum..

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