Sunday, December 13, 2009


My thoughts on Dylan's sleeping habits during the night:

Waking every 2 hours, I said "yikes, i forgot babies wake every two hours to eat".

Waking every 4 hours, I said "much better, but can u sleep longer?"

Waking every 6 hours, I said "ahh, much better, but can u sleep for 8 hours?"

Waking every 8 hours, I said "wow, my baby is sleeping thru the night"

Waking every 12 hours (this happened twice so far), I said "wow, 13 hours can ah?"

Am I spoilt or what?

Nowadays, he can sleep 4-6-8 hours, depending on his mood.

And you know.. the only reason he doesn't  sleep through the night, is because I don't feed him enough in the day and I let him sleep too much in the day.

I am such a spoilt and demanding mother!

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