Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving...eating eating and SHOPPING...

Happy Thanksgiving...:)

We joined Gordon's family for Thanksgiving dinner. Although there was no turkey, we had loads of food... chinese style Thanksgiving.

Good food was followed by Gordon's Bday cake.....

The following day, we decided to wake up at 3.00am and hit the shops..(crazy-yah). This is the first time we had awaken so early to go shopping... Our first stop was Best Buy. Before we got there, we said, no one will wake up at 3am to go shopping..when we got there, the queue was wrapped around the building.. possible 300-400 people ahead of us. Anyways, we lined up.. in the cold... yes, my toes were numb...

Here are some pics from other stores..

At 5am, they let us in the store.. but first telling us that the 7 hour specials were all gone. They gave out coupons starting at 4am and we were left with some boring ones like PS2. This is the start of our shopping craze...Here are the places we went and what we bought..;)

1. Best Buy - language DVD's, DVD player, 100 DVD-R

2. Walmart - toys

3. Kohls - had to go here three times as the queue was SO long to pay that we hid our items and came back later to pay..

4. Sport Chalet - nothing to buy...

5. Home Depot - super ladder, wet-dry vac

6. Comp USA - nothing to buy

7. Circuit City - had to wait 1 hour to get in due to crowd control. (dumb!) and when we got in, nothing was left...:(

8. Toys-R-Us - line was too long so decided not to buy anything.

9. Target - nothing to buy....

10. Headed to the mall.... drank a Godiva Choc drink.... nothing to buy....cos it was after 1pm.

Conclusion.. I think we shopped till we dropped..... if we go again, i think I need to wear thicker socks.. my feet were cold.... and I think the real business is to sell coffee and donuts at 4am in the morning to the people in the lines....:)

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