Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Month of May

The weather finally got better out here; which means I get to go out more..:)

Our weekend was spend like this:

Saturday : drove around a couple of nice neighborhoods, just to see what's so great about these neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were pretty and expensive. The houses here are worth at least 1.5 Million and the average income is like a LOT!. Anyways, we also found out there was nothing to do there.. hardly any shops. Just nice cars..;)

we also watched MI3 and Inside Man. For those who have not seen these shows, I will not talk about them here.........hehehehhe....

Sunday : Outlet hopping and ended up buying something that was 15 bucks. I guess I had nothing to buy... just wanted to check out what's out there.

We also went to the Cinco De Mayo celebration in San Jose. It was BORING! Unorganized event. We did however check out a Home and Garden show and saw through a 1 hour cooking event. The chef was selling some really nice and expensive pots and pans called Kitchen Craft. I think I will start saving and buying these super products. It allows you to cook without water. Any of you out there have this product???!?

Most of today was spent looking for tickets to go to NY and Boston for Memorial Day. We have approximately 1 day to buy our tickets before we hit the 14 day limit.;) (talk about last minute)



Tze & Yeesin said...

Wow. you guys can watch 2 movies on the same night? We can't do that anymore, maybe in college, but these days its easier just to wait for DVD and watch it from the comfort of our home... :) Hey, do you remember Terri? You can look her up if you're in the Boston area over memorial day!

Nick 10 said...

Sooooo what DID you buy for $15? ;)
I wanna go to NY too!!