Monday, March 06, 2006

Another Monday

It's Monday night and guess what! I am done with the website. I updated it with pictures from the wedding in Malaysia. Take a quick look....

I was not very excited about the make-up and hair-do for the night part of the wedding. My pics cam out too white...:( and my hair-do makes me look old... I had to hand select a few pictures that made the cut. I love the tea ceremony hair-do and I did my own make up.... so it was acceptable.... anyways... i wish someone would have told me the night make up was not good and I could have fixed it before the dinner.... sigh......

What's done is done.

What's next? Pictures from the Asia trip... maybe I will create a link in the website and put the pics there... wonder how long it will take me...z z z z z z z z z z z z z

Wanna know what I did last weekend?
Saturday was a college basketball game; UCLA vs. Stanford. UCLA won!!! It was cool since we were surrounded by red Stanford fans and we were the few blue UCLA fans.
This basketball game was followed by dinner at PF Changs Restaurant. Ok, how many of you have been to PF Changs? It's pretty amazing how simple chinese food can be such hit to the American consumers. The place is PACKED! I have to admit they have good food... especially the lettuce wraps.

Sunday, helped Gordon's cousin move from 10-6pm. This was another eye opening experience for me.

1. If there is ever food shortage, we decided we will go to Gordon's cousins house before heading to a Safeway. They have TONNES of food! Bottles of pasta sauce, bags of spaghetti, tins of everything including green beans, corn, tomato sauce, bottles of soft drinks (like 20 2 liter bottles in store), bottles of water, peanut butter, corn flakes and the list goes on!!!!

2. If Gordon were to ever complain I have too much clothes, I will remind him about how much clothes his cousin has. She has bags and bags of clothes. Since she just gave birth, we were asked to pack up her clothes. We filled up about 25 garbage bags with clothes! HUGE garbage bags too and they were heavy after we filled them up.

3. Never under-estimate how much stuff can fit into a small house. It's amazing.

We had fun with this move. My calves are now aching from all the stairs we had to climb up and down the two houses......

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Tze & Yeesin said...

Wedding pictures? Yeah, some of our are a little too whitish too. I think its a Malaysian thing, where if you're paler its better... So weirdly opposite over here! Will check out your website to see the pics!
PF Changs? We've got one in KC too. We've not been back there since the waiter tried to teach us how to make "authentic chinese" dipping sauce!