Thursday, December 08, 2005

Alanis Morissette.. remember her?

It's been a week since I blogged. Guess life has been quiet?? :) Or Lynda is lazy!

Anyhows we went for the Alanis Morissette concert yesterday night. She has such an amazing voice.. surprisingly i knew like 9 out of 10 of her songs. She sang all her top hits including "Isn't it Ironic", "Thank you", "one hand in my pocket". She really knows how to sing.. although, i have to say, she doesnt know how to dance...

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be a singer. Alanis Morissette has sang for 11 years now... lets say she has 52 concerts a year (52 weeks a year, 1 concert a week), and each concert has like 2000 people. That 104,000 pairs of eyes on her a year (2000 x 52) and 1,144,000 pairs of eyes on her for the last 11 years.. thats pretty amazing.. i wonder if she still gets stage fright.. she did says she was nervous being here with the SF fans...:D

so much for the concert...

we are going to Malaysia starting Jan 6, 2006.. this is pretty exciting. Less than a month a way!!!

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Nick 10 said...

Wow Alanis that's awesome!!! I'm so jealous coz she's married to total hottie Ryan Reynolds!! :)